Sports Marketing on Twitter: Can You Really Market Your Brand or Team in 140 Characters or Less?

Why should you use Twitter to promote your brand or team? Its it possible to successfully do sports marketing on Twitter, considering you have to do so in 140 characters or less? Another question, why should you use it, considering there are a number of other platforms out there that are more popular, even though once the second most popular social media site, it is now only ninth as of April 2017, behind Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and four other sites? There are a number of reasons to still use Twitter in Sports Marketing and ways to do so. Many sports teams and brands successfully use the social media platform every day. 


There Are Still More Than 300 Million People Who Tweet

While Twitter is far smaller than Facebook, there are still 313 million active monthly tweeters, with half of those using the service daily. It is still the ninth largest social network in the world, behind number eight Instagram.

Those who use Twitter are passionate about many topics, so no matter what team or brand you want to promote, people will be interested. 

Instant Updates and Interactions 

One of the strong points about Twitter is everything happens in real-time. Users can follow sports teams, major world events, and other breaking news live. Many things appear on Twitter before anywhere else. 

For that reason, you instantly have access to relevant up-to-date content in your area on countless subjects. It also gives you the chance, if you are marketing a team to give live updates to your fans and instantly let people know what's happening with your team at the moment. You will be able to tweet touchdowns scored, home runs hit, shots on goal, score changes, pictures of fans reactions, and much more instantly.  

Many Sports Teams Tweet Every Day

Many sports teams, including NFL, NHL, major league baseball, NBA, tweet every day. Some of the teams successfully using the platform include the Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Saints, Portland Trailblazers, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs, Columbus Blue Jackets, Seattle Mariners, Los Angeles Kings, and Atlanta Hawks. 

Considering the Warriors, even though the team did not win the championship last year, lost only nine games during the regular season, the team had a lot of highlight videos to Tweet about. Many consider its Twitter account one of the best in sports. 

The New Orleans Saints tweeted with a link to an interview with quarterback Drew Brees, supporting him, after a reported stated the team should get rid of its signal caller. The Trailblazers tweeted a picture of actor Shia LaBeouf watching the score of a game. The Indians tweeted highlights of their players' season. During the Cubs World Series Championship season the team tweeted about a clown who asked for a free jersey, a joke about a goat, and even losing in a no-hit game. 

Twitter Can Work For Everyone 

Twitter is as a news outlet, not just a place to broadcast your own information. On its search engine, anyone can look for the latest news on any topic he or she is curious about. All topics are sorted by relevancy, regardless of whether a sender is famous or has countless followers. For this reason, just mention a relevant topic, and many people will read it. For that reason, it is easier to use than Facebook, because of its complicated algorithm the service uses to serve content to people’s news feeds.

Use Twitter for Market Research for Your Brand or Team

Geared toward user interaction Twitter gives fans or customers direct access to your team or brand, especially if your brand is linked to a popular team. If a favorite player is on Twitter, users can start a conversation. You can the platform for market research and figure how people feel. This information is important!

Once You Start Tweeting, the Sky is the Limit!

Once you start tweeting about your team, or link a popular player to the team or your own brand, you can point readers to your information by such means as tweeting a link to a blog post you wrote. You can also tweet information about special events, such as special speakers, such as a player having a news conference, or appearing in your store. Don't hesitate to tweet information about others that would interest your readers. They will be more likely to read your information. 

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