How Your Website Can Turn Non-Leads Into Brand Advocates

In the digital marketing world, the one process you hear spoken of most often in dozens of different terms and methods is the conversion funnel. No matter what words you use to describe it, this is essentially the path that starts at a complete stranger and ends in a paying customer. Naturally, companies seek to guide as many of the general population through this process as possible. From the ground up, marketing teams focus on generating initial interest with large crowds from which interested potential leads can be sorted based on what the people want and need. Inbound marketing brings in even more, often slightly better 'qualified' because their own search terms led them to your website or social media page. From there, the goal is to further qualify those who make it to one of your marketing intake valves and channel them through the buyer funnel.

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6 Steps to Integrate Your Marketing and Sales Efforts Today

Let's start by getting rid of the cliches. Yes, everyone in the business is supposed to be on the same page and move in the same direction. But is that really the case when Mike in Marketing and Sally in Sales constantly fight?

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The Importance of Analytics for Improving Marketing ROI

Calculating ROI (Return On Investment) is essential for every business. It lets you know what's working, what is lackluster, and what has become a money sink. Despite this, many companies have no idea which parts of their marketing are actually effective. This causes inefficiencies in advertising and other marketing efforts.

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"Let's Give 'Em Something to Tweet About" - Becoming a Twitter Thought Leader

Everyone with a business and a marketing budget is on social media right now trying to build brand awareness and put together a supportive community. Everyone wants more followers, more leads, and more of their social media activity to translate into conversions and revenue. As businesses, we handle the constant push to promote in a number of ways. Some promote openly with amusing advertisement images posted several times a week. Others have become masters of the subtle inbound insinuation, talking about the product without ever directly selling it to a lead. There are miles of written guides on when to post links, how often to share purely promotional content, how to mask promotional content as informative resources, and how to subtly mention your products.

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Nine Reasons Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

Many business owners know how important it is to market their business. They need new and repeat customers in order to become and stay competitive. While many still market their business the old way using print and television ads, more are learning about social media marketing and relationship building.

Email marketing is something that many business owners have tried and are using, though some say that it is outdated. Many question whether it works anymore. The truth is that email marketing is still a good way to get your business in front of customers (old and new).

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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Biz and Start-ups

When you are just starting out, social media marketing can be intimidating, but to achieve success it cannot be ignored. Social media is massive. Facebook alone has over 1.65 billion active users each month. Twitter publishes 350,000 of its users' tweets every single minute. That is a huge segment of potential customers just waiting for you to connect with them where they are. In terms of ROI, social media marketing can have an even greater effect than email marketing. Whether you are bootstrapping or money is no object, social media marketing is perfect for reaching customers, engaging with them all the while building trust and credibility as you go. Here are five strategies to get you started building relationships with your audience using social media. 

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How to Build Your Digital Marketing Funnel

When it comes to small and medium businesses, digital marketing is one of the best things that has ever happened for marketing impact. Almost every digital marketing platform has an entry level that any startup can get in on through the ground level. It doesn't take much to have a modest social media presence, a basic website, and a simple mobile app. What makes one company stand out from the next is how these assets are put to use. Simply being present online doesn't automatically build your audience and even having a large social media following doesn't necessarily translate into sales and loyal repeat customers.

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11 Great Ideas for 30-Second Marketing Videos

There are a lot of advice articles about how to build a great video marketing campaign, how to shoot your videos, what kind of content your users are interested in, and how to post your videos to get the most views, likes, and shares. However, one thing that almost all of these resources seems to overlook is that the vast majority of video ideas out there don't fit into the 30-seconds most social media users are willing to spend on a video. Though there are other ways and places to use longer videos, most video marketing campaigns are going to focus on social video and videos to draw more attention to their social media and other inbound marketing activities.

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Accountability: The Thread that Connects the Best Advertising Agencies

Partnering with a marketing agency makes sense in more ways than one. Especially if you don't have the internal resources or expertise to successfully run your own campaigns, an external partner with experience in your industry can help you better reach, convince, and convert your audience.

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How to Integrate Your Paid and Organic Social Media Strategy for Better Results

We tend to look at social media marketing in terms of duality. You either build a great organic presence with plenty of followers and content that occasionally goes viral, or you focus on paid ads that drive web visitors, leads, and customers. But does it really have to be one or the other?

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