6-Tips to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I can attribute the vast majority of my success to my ability and willingness to invest in myself. Below is a screenshot of my notebook from 13 years ago. I recently found it and more than a decade later it's completely relevant. had I not invested in myself I wouldn't have the level of success I enjoy today.

Below I will share with you 6-Tips you can apply right now!

That's the main reason I created the BOLD Accelerator program – is to deliver training, strategy, coaching & guidance to help you get to the next level of what's truly possible.

 As part of the program I will share the details of this notebook & how it applies to all of us right now. Invest in your future self. You deserve it. 

But even if you don't sign up here are 6 quick tips you can do right now to take yourself to the next level and step out of your comfort zone. 
1. Stare people in the eyes until THEY break the stare.
2. No matter what problem comes up, even if it has nothing to do with you, propose a solution immediately.
3. Ask every person you come in contact with for their phone number - business, friendship - whatever. Just ask.
4. Start saying No to things that don't serve you.
5. Pick someone you think would help you in a massive way and call them right now.
6. Lay down in the middle of a public place. Watch your reaction and the reactions of everyone around you.
If this way helpful and you want deeper insights into what helped me 13 years ago stop living on a couch $250k in debt to a thriving business and make my first $1,000,000 in 12-months then Join the BOLD Accelerator.
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Brian Cristiano - CEO, BOLD Worldwide