9 Compelling Video Marketing Statistics Every Sports Marketer Should Know

Video is unquestionably going to be an important ingredient to your online sports marketing strategy.  In fact, 2016 has been declared “The Year of Video Marketing” as businesses and marketers seek to use creative ways to leverage videos to reach their target audiences.  Incorporating a video strategy that highlights your high-energy brand will be crucial to generating traffic to your site, boosting leads and sales conversions, and engaging your fans. 


The goal here is to give stats and facts that show the importance of video marketing and to motivate you to incorporate this strategy now so you can begin to create those desired results in your brand.  Check out these nine statistics that prove video marketing works:

#1 Companies using video receive 41% more website traffic from search than those who do not implement video (Source: Hubspot)

Videos increases your exposure online and positions you to be found in the search engines.  With search being the #1 way people look up information to answer a question or solve a problem, it’s important that when your market is looking for solutions, your content shows up! 


#2 Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more (Source: Hubspot)

Unlike other content formats, videos allow viewers to truly experience who you are and witness the zeal and passion behind your message.  You see, it humanizes your brand making you more relatable, thus boosting that know, like and trust factor.  This is especially important on a landing page where this may be a prospects first encounter with your company.  Make it count by using video.


#3 Consumers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video (Source: Entrepreneur)

Videos are powerful tools for closing the sale.  How-to’s, demonstrations, and product info videos are highly effective in getting leads to buy.  Having quality videos that emphasizes your flagship products or services will be serve as great assets to converting prospects and leads into buying customers.


#4 By 2017, 74% of all Internet traffic will be video (Source: BrainShark)

This number is profound enough to persuade any company that video content is king!  Its vital to have your video strategy working now to position your business strong later. 

The statistic also proves that there will be a sea of video content swarming on the Internet so using techniques to separate your videos from the rest is imperative to your brand.  For ways on how to exclusively stand out from your competitors while giving your brand a unique edge, contact us here today for a consultation. 


#5 Social video generates a whopping 1200% more shares than text and images combined (Source: Hubspot)

This…is huge!  Because of that powerful sharing feature, videos are being spread like wildfire on social media meaning your high-engaging video has the potential to reach an even greater audience online.  It is the most ideal way to create awareness and get the word out about your brand.  Use your social media platforms to your advantage by sharing videos.  User-generated content is powerful too with video!


#6 Every day users watch a combined 110 years’ worth of video content on Periscope (Source: Fortune)

Successful sporting companies like Red Bull and EA Sports are using live-streaming platforms like Periscope to give their viewers a more "inside scoop" into their brand.  This is an excellent strategy to boost engagement with followers and create unforgettable, personable experiences.  With the real-time interactive features, brands are able to connect with fans on a deeper level, get on the spot feedback from their market, and improve customer loyalty to their brand. 


#7 74% of businesses reported that video content outperformed other content types in driving conversions (Source: Marketing Profs)

Video is simply more engaging than photos and written texts.  It’s unique ability to capture attention quickly gets viewers to take action faster than other content mediums.  If you’re looking for ways to increase your lead and sales conversion, implementing a video strategy is the answer.


#8 91% of companies say they're still seeing the effectiveness of marketing video increase and 71% of those with successful video programs say they'll increase investments in video production this year (Source: Marketing Profs)

In 2016, more companies will produce videos for each step of the customer journey to maximize conversion efforts.  Consider the stages in your sales process.  In what ways can you add video in each phase to move prospects closer to the buying decision? 


#9 Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without video (Source: Hubspot)

Video increases revenue, putting more money in your company’s pockets.  It pays to employ a video strategy that is proven to boost your bottom line and position your brand to grow…year after year!

Putting it All Together 

Using video in your sports marketing strategy will enhance your business objectives by engaging your followers, boosting leads and increasing revenue.  Your fans are craving ways to connect with you — they want to get excited about your brand.  Commit to incorporating more videos in your sports or fitness marketing to fulfill this need and gain maximum exposure.  

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