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The face of content marketing is in a constant state of flux...

However, marketing in its simplest terms remains unchanged; only its focus and methods have changed. In order for marketing managers to be relevant in a digital age, they must understand the enduring changes taking place. Who is in charge of these marketing concepts, someone may ask? Through interaction and active participation, the customer is able to offer valuable suggestions which reference the needs and desire of a target market. The manager who listens and adjusts accordingly to what the public is saying about their brand is already ahead of the game. A manager who does not listen to visitors, followers, and customers is adrift in a sea of attrition. 

One goal of content marketing in the 21st century is to produce content that relates to a specific market need. The question is how to get this content in front of a specific market.

Inbound marketing experts agree that there are at least four components of a successful online marketing campaign that you need to know. Managers seek to attract, convert, close, and keep their customers happy. (Learn more about inbound marketing concepts here) Within each component are elements that make each part effective. Campaigns unite to attract a target market through the use of blogs, SEO, keywords, and social media. As visitors interact with your website, if you've done your research, consumers will pursue an ongoing relationship with you. A well-written call-to-action that lead to irresistible landing pages, and other creative content, visitors are drawn to be a part of your bigger family. Your brand is like a magnet attracting visitors because of your awesome content. Content is the reason visitors become followers. Pure and simple; there is no other reason. 

Marketing is not people seeking treasure but treasure seeking to be found. It's that glowing shiny pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that says, "here I am, here I am, I'm sitting right here, and I hold the secret to making your life more awesome than it already is."

For some reason, writers assume that they are doing such a wonderful job explaining what it is they want readers to know. That isn't always the case so here is a list of what it takes to attract followers.

  • Blogging is one form of content that provides hopeful solutions that improve people's lives.
  • SEO is an online marketing strategy that optimizes every page on your website to the needs and desires of your target market resulting in higher quality scores from search engines which result in higher page rankings.
  • Keyword Usage is the artful use of words and phrases that a marketer anticipates a searcher will use to locate the information they are searching for.
  • Social Media are various channels that marketers use to attract, retain, update, and maintain social connection with curious visitors and customers.

Those four elements are the tools used to begin a successful campaign that turns your wild horses into a stable of tame followers. The remainder of this article will focus on blogging.

There are no disadvantages to blogging. The only disadvantage is if you fail to blog. The topics you choose depend on the industry you're involved with. Whether you are video blogging or text blogging makes no difference in terms of topic dilution. At some point, you are going to feel that there is nothing else you could possibly say. Consider the following list of blog topic possibilities to get the juices flowing. It has been said before that one of the best ways to write blog posts is to create an FAQ page (which your website should include) of anticipated questions and write a 300-500-word blog post on each question. If someone presents you with a query of some sort, use that as an opportunity to amplify your answer in the form of a blog post.

One reason digital marketers hire content marketing teams is because of the massive amount of work involved in keeping a company moving forward. But you may not be in a position to hire a team of writers and like any other writer, you might be scratching your head for ideas on what to write about.

It is true that all content is at the mercy of the search engines as far as page ranking is concerned but if you really want to amplify your SEO standing, consider the reader first and the SEO second. If you're creating excellent content, the SEO ranking will follow.

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What do readers want to read?

Consider the following:

  • Content that gives a sense of urgency that life is short
  • Content that provides perspective
  • Content that declares dreams do come true
  • Content that encourages people to never give up
  • Content that gets readers to believe in something bigger than themselves
  • Content that says you matter
  • Content that reminds us of our basic needs
  • Content that takes an unexpected turn
  • Content that tells a story
  • Content that makes us cry
  • Content that makes us laugh
  • Content that reveals secrets
  • Content that recognizes our sameness or our uniqueness
  • Content that leaves a mystery
  • Content that confirms what we thought was true
  • Content that challenges our belief
  • Content that educates while entertaining us
  • Content where the little guy wins
  • Content that places a fresh look on old themes
  • Content that inspires a call-to-action

Careful and painstaking research is imperative to the success of any content marketing program. Content is the lifeblood of your website. Opportunities to increase such things as your page ranking, thought leadership, influence, inspiration, encouragement, and guidance abound mightily. If you are faithful to execute excellence, even in the face of adversity and setbacks. No matter where you're at in your digital marketing program, once you've presented yourself to the public, the challenge is to maintain and increase your standing among competitors and customers alike. Get out there and show 'em what you've got.

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