Fitness Marketing: A Simple Guide to Growing Your Fitness Brand Online

Fitness marketing is not complicated when you are executing the proper strategies that positions you in front of people who are looking for your service.  Many fitness experts are aimlessly promoting their business on the Internet without a clear content plan that will produce scalable and consistent outcomes.  This breeds frustration, hit and miss results, and fickle engagement from followers.  

The key is knowing exactly what to focus on that will generate leads, increase revenue, and grow your brands exposure online.  The goal is to share how to market your fitness brand in a way that produces these desired results and takes your company to its next level:



Be Clear on Your Target Market

Understanding who your target audience is will be the foundation to your online marketing strategy.  Your entire marketing strategy is focused on reaching your ideal customer (or buyer personas) in which you are solving their specific pains and problems, offering solutions in your content.  Knowing your target market positions you to attract quality leads and customers to your brand thus improving conversion and engagement rates. 


Establish Your Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy

Once you’re clear on your target market, it’s time to create a content marketing plan that supports the goals and direction of your business.  Content marketing includes your social media strategy, blog, videos, visuals…any content format that conveys your brands message.  When creating your content plan, its important to know what your desired end-goal is for developing content in the first place.  What specific result(s) do you want to achieve from your content strategy?  Why do you want to produce content?  These answers will serve as your guide in formulating a long-term plan.


Create a Blog

Forty-five percent of marketers say blogging is the #1 most important piece of their content strategy (Source: IMPACT).  It is considered your home online because it’s where you house all of your content.  You see, your social media posts disappear after a certain period whereas your blog posts can be found in the search engines forever.  Also, blogging positions you as an authority and reliable source in your fitness niche.  It’s the perfect platform to deliver ongoing value to your followers so they keep coming back for more.  Not to mention it's an excellent lead generator tool.  The benefits to blogging are too compelling to ignore — if you want to establish credibility online, get blogging. 


Maximize on Visual Content in Your Marketing

Using visuals like video and images significantly promotes your fitness brand and increases engagement with your fans.   The beauty about implementing visual content is the ideas are endless in creating content that exudes the mission of your company.  From showing exercise demonstrations, to creating healthy food infographics, to making a video boot camp series, to giving detailed product information…there are so many directions you can venture into with video production and images that will capture the attention of your social media followers.  The key is keeping your content in alignment with your content marketing strategy so the message is consistent and relevant.


Focus On Building an Email List

Growing your email list is the lifeline to your business.  It’s an essential component for converting leads into sales (lead nurturing) and also an effective way to connecting with your customers towards brand loyalty and retention.  Using email marketing tools allows you to automate this process and segment your list to create more personalized messages towards specific groups or campaigns.  Email is highly effective in increasing your ROI and creating results for your business.  The goal is to create messages that continue to provide value to your audience and moves them closer to buying your service or product.


Target a specific audience, create content that caters to them through your blog, visuals and social media posts and you will position your brand to excel in your niche market. 

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