How Drones Can Transform Your Content Marketing

A wedding photographer struggled to stand out in her competitive industry. Once he used drones, his business took off. A real estate agent couldn't get some of her available houses to sell. A few sessions with a professional drone operator later, potential sellers were knocking at her door.

These might be hypothetical stories, but they have been proven right again and again. Drone footage, in fact, has the potential to transform not just your marketing strategy, but your entire business. Once you understand why, 5 simple steps can help you achieve that ambitious goal.


3 Reasons Drones Can Transform Your Content Marketing

When it comes to drones, it pays to be fully committed. That means understanding exactly how drones can benefit your business. With this understanding in mind, you can take the necessary steps to actually leverage these benefits. 

1) The Importance of Visual Content

At this point, anyone familiar with marketing knows just how important visual content has become. It's 40 times more likely to be sharedon social media, and increases your audience's willingness to read text associated with it by 80%.

Drone photography, of course, is not like any other type of visual content. In fact, some of the above statistics may actually be more drastic, thanks to the other benefits outlined below. Still, the same general concept applies: the more visual your marketing, the more likely your audience is to pay attention and retain relevant information.

2) Communicating Your Value Proposition

Through drone footage, you have a unique opportunity to communicate your value proposition in a way that is impossible through other efforts. This true for a variety of industries and target audiences. Consider:

  • A manufacturing business using drone video to show its facilities to prospective clients.
  • A real estate agent showing not just the house for sale, but its immediate neighborhood from a literal birds-eye view.
  • A college or university offering a virtual tour that takes potential students inside a drone to explore the campus.

These are just some of the countless examples and possibilities across industries. Use the technology right, and you can communicate your core benefit to your audience in unique and engaging ways. 

3) Differentiating Your Business

Finally, don't underestimate the potential of drone footage to differentiate your business from your competition. The unique perspective alone will immediately make your marketing stand out in the eyes of your audience. Couple that with the novelty factor in most industries, and you can make your brand heard even in the most competitive environments.

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5 Steps to Integrate Drone Footage in Your Marketing Right Now

All of the above are more than enough reasons to start considering drones for your marketing efforts. But of course, understanding the why is only the first step. If you don't get the rest right, you might as well stop looking into the possibility.

To make sure that doesn't happen, here are 5 straightforward steps you can take right now to integrate drone footage into your marketing.

1) Know Your Audience

It's the first step of any successful marketing initiative, and drone footage is no different. Start the process with a comprehensive analysis of your audience, their interests, and their potential pain points.

Based on this analysis, you can make a number of preliminary decisions. You might, for instance, prioritize aerial photography over videography or vice versa. Analyzing your audience also helps you in the second step of this process.

2) Find Your Visuals

With an understanding of your audience in mind, it's time to plan out just what visuals might be especially beneficial from a unique, aerial perspective. Sometimes, this question seems obvious. To stay with the above examples, a college campus naturally wants to highlight its signature buildings from the air.

But don't be afraid to go beyond the obvious. Exterior drone footage of a property may help to sell it, but you can also magnify its impact if you add interior shots to the equation. Imagine, for instance, a living room with cathedral ceilings shot from above to show its size and luxury.

3) Plan the Shoot

The above two are undoubtedly preliminary steps. Don't end there. Instead, use them as inspiration to plan the actual photo or video shoot. Planning, in fact, is absolutely crucial to make sure that the final product actually delivers on your value proposition, and differentiates your visuals from those of your competition.

Planning is where preparation meets execution. At this point, you should know exactly what you want to get, and why. Then, you need to find the right locations for the shoot, as well as the equipment needed to make it happen. This step can be complex, so it might connect directly to the final step below.

4) Integrate Your Footage

After the shoot, and edited footage, it's time to integrate it into your marketing efforts. That, of course, means more than just posting a video or some images on your website. The immense marketing potential of drone photography can only be realized if it becomes an integral part of your entire marketing strategy.

Videos and images can live on social media, or become part of your printed collateral. You can use them for virtual tours, or headers of blog posts. The more you can integrate your footage, the more likely you will become to differentiate your business and effectively highlight its value proposition.

5) Work With a Professional Operator

Finally, don't underestimate the complexity of getting the right type of drone footage. In many cases, that means working with a professional drone operator. In fact, if you don't have the internal capability for your own professional footage, this might be your first step.

Working with an external expert means getting help in all of the above steps. From finding your visuals to planning the shot, you can expect reliable advice that maximizes the potential of the initiative. Given the things that could go wrong, you will also be able to benefit from the insurance a professional drone operator can provide.

Ready to Integrate Drones into Your Marketing Strategy?

Drones, in short, offer a unique opportunity for any marketer looking to distinguish their content from their competition. Of course, that can only be possible if you work to not just have the footage stand on its own, but integrate it into a larger strategy. That's where we come in. Contact us to work on a comprehensive strategy that maximizes your budget and takes your content marketing to new heights.

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