Content Marketing: Tips to Writing Original Content

In order to get noticed by search engines and readers alike, you need to make sure that you are writing original content. However, with so many blogs being written every day, it can seem overwhelming to have to come up with something new to say on a regular basis.

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Content Marketing: Creating Quality Content

Are you aware of how many strategies there are that you can implement that will drive real results? Whether it is growth in inbound leads or email newsletter subscriptions, your choice of content will have a critical role in your number of conversions. It can be very easy to get wound up in the madness encompassing content marketing and slip into the trap of posting multiple blog posts or social media posts without putting any thought into the strategy.

Quality content is content that is useful and based on experiences and statistics. The great Jay-Z once said, "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't". In content marketing, statistics and numbers can mean a great deal. If you are able to demonstrate how you can bring value to your prospects and showcase the outcome associated with what you can bring to the table, people will eventually take notice. 

Where do you need to start? Strategy will be a great place to start. Before you begin to think about what schemes or content marketing hacks you can implement, we want you to think about the goals of your business and the underlying strategy that will eventually result in major success. 

First-Class Resources

In the beginning stages of growth, your business may not be at the top of the list of leaders in your industry. You may not be as known as other business and only a few people may have any information about your business's products and services. While some people may not care too much about what you are doing, they will probably care about the value that your products and services have. 

In order to be seen as one of the major leaders in your industry, you will need to provide value to that particular industry. It does not matter if it is through product creativity or innovation or if it is through the services and products you offer; your contribution to the industry is what gives you the opportunity to call yourself a leader. One of the most essential approaches to obtaining leadership in your industry is being committed to creating and sharing first-class resources.

One of the major challenges that many businesses face in the beginning stages is being able to create resources and materials that are insightful and of high-quality. We all know how easy it can be to create content, but it can be challenging to create content that is pertinent, distinctive, and captivating.

Who Is Part Of Your Audience?

When people take the time to actually understand who their target audience is it will make it easier to create content that will align with everyone's needs and interests. Content marketing requires a great deal of knowledge of the target audience in order to fully grasp their attention. The content marketing you use will also play a tremendous role in influencing them to make a purchase. Once you gain an understanding of the interests and needs of the target audience, it will be easier to begin creating and sharing content that others find so valuable that they cannot wait to read.

Content creation and curation have a greater role now than it ever has. Information spreads quickly and many consumers will admit that they have a short attention span. What does this mean for you? This means that if the content you create and distribute should be sent out to the right audience and it needs to instantly capture their attention. It is not only about what you say; it is also about how you share the content you create. 

Step Out Of The Way

Once you know your target audience you should have a better understanding of what they really care about. The information your target audience will want is information that is relevant to what they are about it, and not what you care about it. It is important that you step out of the way and help your target audience by giving them what they are looking for and what they want. Your target audience wants high-quality information that is relevant. 

Driving Conversions

We understand it may not be easy to build an outstanding collection of content all the time, but your content can pay for itself if you do it the right way. With the perfect content and the perfect approach taken through the right media and distribution channels, you will be able to create quality resources into one of your best content marketing assets. 

Once you begin creating high-quality content that becomes valuable, what should you do next? You should begin focusing your energy on driving conversion. It can be as easy as ending your blog post or other content with a call to action. You can also gain permission to obtain their email address when you first peak their interest.

For any business or organization that is looking for an opportunity to achieve growth in the early stages, content marketing will be one of the best solutions out there. With the correct strategy and with the right audience, your business will be able to create and distribute content that will constantly be shared and referenced. With great products and services, this will increase growth and lead to the acquisition of more customers.

The Learning Curve

We know that marketing is not going to be a success for you overnight. Marketing is going to continue to be a learning process that will never stop. Taking the time to evaluate a marketing plan will equip you with everything from what was good to what was bad. You will also have information about what things may need to be adjusted and what you will need to remember in the future. You should always take the time to evaluate your marketing plans and take as much time as you need to learn from every evaluation. 

It is very important to fully understand the goals of your business, along with understanding how content marketing can be the key to achieving those goals. Content marketing is not one of those things that you are glad to have in your back pocket. Content marketing is more than the wallpaper you have in your living room. Content marketing is the infrastructure that you will need to build on. 

For more information on content marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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How Content Marketing Has Evolved Over the Past 100 Years!

Content marketing has been around for as long as humans have been communicating with each other. It's remarkable, however, how far content marketing has progressed and changed over the past 100 years. We could begin our look into the past almost anywhere, but we shall begin with the early 1900's in the United States and progress from there. As we shall see, businesses have been trying to find ways to get their product and services before as many people as possible with as little ad spend as possible.

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Content Marketing: Blogging Mistakes

Blogging can be a great way to help you grow your business. You can reach a lot more people by writing consistent content that is helpful for others. However, it is not for everyone.

Blogging can be hard work. If you expect to get results without effort, you are going to struggle with your blogging. You may not get the results that you were hoping for. It takes time and dedication to see your blogging pay off.

Many business owners try to blog but they make many mistakes which could be hurting their marketing plan. Here are some common mistakes that many business owners make.

Many business owners start blogging without a plan.

They think that they will start a blog, publish a few online, and they will start to see results. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Business owners need to have a plan. They need to define their goals before they even start. They also need to define their target audience so that all of their blogs can be written for them. Then, you should determine your blogging schedule. This is important so your readers know exactly when you will put out new content.

It is also important to monitor the results.

Most small business owners start blogging and never stop. They don't look at the results. They simply continue putting content out there. While more content is good, you could really learn a lot about your posts if you look at the results.

You should see which posts get engagement and which don't. Are there certain topics or styles that readers respond to? If so, continue to put similar content out there. Don't waste your time writing highly technical posts, especially if no one reads them!

Your blogs need to focus on your target audience.

Too many bloggers think about their audience when they are coming up with ideas but they forget about them as they are writing the content. Every word and thought needs to be about your target audience or you will lose them. With content marketing, make sure that you talk in words that they understand. Explain things so that it will be clear for them. Though you might have a good way of fixing something, would they? Or would they fix it another way? Make sure you give them options that will work for them, not just you.

Blogging is often not a priority for most business owners.

You are busy. We all are. When blogging is new, it is easy to find time to fit it into your schedule. But what about a few months from now? Are you going to have time to write your blogs during your busy season? If not, are you going to find a way to make it work?

If you are too busy and likely to give up, you might not want to start a blog. It is not going to help your business if you grow loyal readers and then quit blogging. Many business owners try to write blogs ahead of time so that they have some to fall back on when they are busy. You could also outsource your blogs to give you more time to focus on your business.

Readers will not read blogs with bad writing.

Even if you do catch the eye of some potential readers, they will quickly click away if your writing is not good. Because of this, if you are not a good writer (or you struggle with your grammar), you are going to need some help.

If you have a few employees, one of them may be able to help you with your writing. If not, you may want to consider hiring someone else to write your blogs (or at least have someone else edit them)!

Many business owners don't use their blogs to their full potential.

Though blogs are used to help people solve their problems and bring them to your business, they are also used as a way to build relationships. You need to respond to any questions and comments that you get, even if they are negative. This shows your readers that they are important to you. It goes a long way to making your customers happy.

Many bloggers tend to make their blogs too promotional.

Though your blog is there to help you grow your business, you won't win people over if all you write about is you and your business. People don't search for your products. They are searching for solutions to their problems. In order to be found, your blogs need to give them valuable information on what they are searching for.

If you do have loyal readers and start to do too many promotional blogs, you may lose them. Many unsubscribe because they feel like all you are trying to do is sell them something.

Too many business owners struggle with their blogs. They know that they need one, but they don't really know what to do. They blog here and there, as they have time. They are not consistent. They also don't look at the results to ensure that they are giving their readers the information that they need, in a way that is pleasing to them.

You need to have a plan and a schedule before you even start blogging. Then, you need to stick to it. If you need help, get it. Someone can write one or two blogs for you (or all of them if you don't enjoy it)!

Once your blog is set up, you should try to use it to its full potential. Really connect and communicate with your readers. They will really enjoy it and, when they need something, they will come directly to you!

Marketing and blogging is not for everyone. If you are struggling with your marketing and are not seeing the results that you want, don't hesitate to contact us. We play all-in one hundred percent of the time and refuse to have it any other way. We would love to help your business grow through a successful marketing campaign!


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Content is still king. Yet, with so many brands embracing content marketing to connect with their audiences online, how do you separate your message from the rest?

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Content Marketing: Dealing with Writer's Block

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