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The Docu-Series 


Growing BOLD is a weekly vlog series documenting the journey of CEO, Brian Cristiano as he grows BOLD Worldwide, to over $100,000,000.


Growing BOLD – Docu-Series 




Growing BOLD EP19 – Office Construction

Are we really documenting our journey and are we really growing? Yes. This episode covers about three weeks in February as we travel from NYC to LA to MN and back again. We are moving mountains, doing whatever it takes and balancing the workload of an agency 10X our size. THIS is what happens when you put in the work – we're building a new HQ for BOLD Worldwide.





Growing BOLD EP18 – Patrick Bet-David

What's awesome about growing my business and documenting the process is that I get to talk to other super successful entrepreneurs and pick their brains. Spending a day with Patrick Bet-David taught me a lot about mindset, perspective and what I need to do next to keep growing BOLD.

“There are no limitations...The only limitations are if you make the enemy bigger than it really is.” - Patrick Bet-David




Growing BOLD EP17 – Winning The Pitch

BOLD pitched (and won) a major client recently. In this episode, we break down exactly how we did it. This is the art of the pitch.




Growing BOLD EP16 – The Real Brad Lea 

Quick business trip to Vegas where I spent some time with The Real Brad Lea – dropped some bombs on his podcast and talked a lot about the importance of "why".

Brad Lea is the founder of LightspeedVT in Las Vegas. Also, he's speaking at 10X Growthcon 2018.




Growing BOLD EP15 – Quality Problems 

Growing a business isn't predictable. It's like traveling in 25 directions at once. Sometimes the trip is exciting, but often it's just executing the basics back at the office.

Regardless, if you want to grow, your goal is to create quality problems.





Growing BOLD EP14 – Startup Week Seattle

As an entrepreneur, you have to think on your feet – it's about problem solving and finding solutions. In this episode of Growing BOLD, I travel to Seattle to speak at Startup Week, take a few meetings and tell my story of overcoming challenges and taking action.

Taking action gets you everywhere.






Growing BOLD EP13 – Alex Rodriguez

Four months ago, I started telling my story about growing BOLD to over $100 million. By the time we released the eighth episode, I was flying in a private jet with AROD and learning firsthand what it takes to become a world champion. Here’s how it happened.





Growing BOLD EP12 – I'll Be There on Thursday

In this episode of Growing BOLD we dig into Stephen Faught's backstory, speak at Southeastern Louisiana University, visit Abita Brewing Company and eat some beignets.

If you want to achieve your next level of success you need to be willing to become a problem solver who sees opportunity and takes immediate action. Don't hesitate.





Growing BOLD EP11 – BOLD in the Big Easy

Want to become the best? Have incredibly high standards and hold everyone around you to them. Especially yourself. Brian travels down to New Orleans to meet Steve, take a ton of meetings, close some business and meet up with some fellow entrepreneurs.





Growing BOLD EP10 – Marketing Playbook

When you tell your real story, people take notice. You make connections. You may even find yourself talking about the NFL with Daniel Roberts on Yahoo Finance.





Growing BOLD EP09 – Press Record

When you tell your story to the world, an amazing thing happens – you connect with other people who align with your vision. Most people are afraid to do it, but as Hank Norman says, "just press record" and improve as you go. Big things are coming.





Growing BOLD EP08 – Damned if I Do/Don't

You have to make sacrifices while you grow a company. There is no such thing as work-life balance. I promised to let you in behind the scenes – this is about as personal as it gets.

Without my wife, Ali, none of this would be possible. She is a saint for putting up with me.





Growing BOLD EP07 – Expansion & Exhaustion

We've expanded to Miami. Networking and sacrifice are imperative to growing your company. The only thing glamorous about being an entrepreneur is saying you're an entrepreneur. 





Growing BOLD EP06 – The Right People

We're filling eight positions simultaneously and opening a new office in Miami. To grow as quickly as we are, you have to hire based on personality and culture. This is episode six of "Growing BOLD."





Growing BOLD EP05 – House of Cards, OR pt. 2

Brands continue to spend the majority of their budgets on traditional media, but it just doesn't work. Retailers are failing at the fastest rate in history. This is an opportunity for companies and brands that are in the know. In this episode of "Growing BOLD," we wrap up the trip with a keynote speech, a networking event and even some street recognition. This is episode five of "Growing BOLD."





Growing BOLD EP04 –  Biz Dev, OR pt. 1

Biz dev is what grows a company. You can take 60 meetings in three days at Outdoor Retailer -- and the retail industry is what needs our agency's fresh perspective most. This is episode four of "Growing BOLD."





Growing BOLD EP03 –  Point of Origin

When you're growing a business, your "why" is what drives you.
Here's my "why." What's yours? I'm working to grow BOLD Worldwide to $100,000,000. Will it be a success or a total failure? Follow the journey as it unfolds.





Growing BOLD EP02 –  That's The Problem

Is the ad agency business model broken? I say yes. And we’re going all in to change it. This is episode two of "Growing BOLD."





Growing BOLD EP01 –  The Bottom Line

Growing BOLD is a weekly vlog series documenting the journey of Brian Cristiano as he grows his agency, BOLD Worldwide, to $100,000,000. Will it be a success or a total failure? Follow the journey as it unfolds.