Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign Increases Ticket Sales for MLU

» Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign

Major League Ultimate, the professional Ultimate Frisbee League, needed a way to accelerate season ticket sales and generate awareness for opening day. 

By developing a cross-channel marketing strategy, BOLD was able to nurture fans through a sales pipeline and significantly increase ticket sales. BOLD leveraged in-market TV Ads, video pre-roll on hyper-targeted sports sites, remarketing, a digital sweepstakes, and Facebook advertising. 


 sports-ad-agency-performance-arrow-01.png216% MORE TICKETS SOLD

Increase in Season Ticket Sales Over Previous Year


sports-ad-agency-performance-arrow-02.png     95% UP IN ONLINE SALES

Nearly Double the Amout of Online Sales Year Over Year


best-social-media-ad-agency-increase-sales-01.png  80% GREATER SALES

For Teams In Marketing Region vs Control


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