Social Media Marketing Drives Sales & Brand Awareness for Polar

» Facebook & Instagram Marketing

BOLD helped Polar achieve an increase in direct e-commerce sales and overall branding by diverting traditional media spend into social media marketing. 

Polar was better able to connect with its fitness consumers through social, creating a positive brand image in North America and increasing trackable online sales. 


Additionally, BOLD helped Polar launch their new, most popular product - the Polar A360. 


sports-ad-agency-performance-arrow-01.png 13% LIFT

In Brand Awareness During Holiday Months


sports-ad-agency-performance-arrow-02.png  30 MILLION IMPRESSIONS

Hyper-targeted to Fitness Consumers Using Exclusive Data

video-content-advertising-agency-increase-01.png3 MILLION VIDEO VIEWS

With Video Completion Retargeting Driving Sales


best-ad-agency-arrow-up-01.png12% INCREASE IN FB FOLLOWING

Organically in First 3 Months





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