Facebook & Instagram Marketing Case Study

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Social Media Marketing ROI for R&A Cycles

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Custom Video Email Marketing Case Study

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Facebook marketing for endurance sports

How to Sell Out an Event in 36 Hours

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Increasing Ticket Sales for Major League Ultimate

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Social Media Marketing


When executed properly, sports, fitness and lifestyle consumers turn into raving fans and customers. Social Media Marketing is the single most effective marketing channel of our time. 

BOLD is on the forefront of paid media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google PPC and remarketing. Our clients go where the results are.

(Hint: they're not in print)

We use deep consumer insights and trackable ROIs to align our paid media decisions with our clients' ultimate goals.

Simply put — we deliver!


Custom Video Email


Imagine being able to send 1:1 customized videos to every single person in your email database. Now you can. BOLD has successfully created and delivered customized video content on a 1:1 basis for our clients. You've never seen anything like it.


Inbound & E-commerce Sales


Through a combination of content, paid media and inbound marketing strategy, we build sales funnels that are trackable and scalable. Our ecommerce partners love us because we sell. 


Web & Mobile Design/Development


We can send you all the traffic you want, but if your website is from 2005, your results will be too. Our team of designers and developers create full sites, landing pages and other components to match the 2018 landscape and drive results. 


Community Management


Today's marketing landscape isn't fast — it's real time. If your brand isn't consistently engaging in 1:1 conversations through social, you're setup to fail. Our community management team focuses on sports, fitness and lifestyle consumer verticals simply because we are those consumers. We are your target audience. You won't find that at any other agency.



BOLD is simply, BOLD. Bold ideas, Bold thinking, Bold results. What they pitched seemed out there but also were the results. I look forward to a future with them."

Al Cabbad, CEO of R&A Cycles

Prior to partnering with BOLD, our marketing strategies were stuck in the stone age of billboards and bus stop shelter ads. BOLD has raised the bar - and our ROI - with their expertise, passion and personal commitment to seeing their clients succeed."

Samuel Slaton, Communications Director of Bike New York