» Sports, Fitness & Lifestyle Consumers

Because of our focus on the sports, fitness and lifestyle consumer, we have more data and insight on this market than any other agency. We spot and adapt to consumer trends in near real-time. All of our partners benefit from our insights and feed into the pipeline. 

» Exclusive Data & Insights

Being on the forefront of social and digital marketing gives us tons of data. And we mean tons. We cross-analyze client data to spot commonalities and campaign progression. Individual client data remains secure and not shared, but the big picture industry trends are measured, monitored, and adapted to, so we continue to crush it, month after month.  

» Benefits of being BOLD

Clients have lots of data, but that data is onesided. By working with BOLD, our clients have insight into their own industry, that they would otherwise never have access to. This creates a major market advantage for brands, teams and clients that work with BOLD. We like you too.

Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Agency

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Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Sports Video Production Company

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Video Production, 360° Video & Content Marketing

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BOLD Results

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BOLD is simply, BOLD. Bold ideas ,Bold thinking, Bold results. What they pitched seemed out there but also were the results. I look forward to a future with them."

Al Cabbad, CEO of R&A Cycles

Prior to partnering with BOLD, our marketing strategies were stuck in the stone age of billboards and bus stop shelter ads. BOLD has raised the bar - and our ROI - with their expertise, passion and personal commitment to seeing their clients succeed."

Samuel Slaton, Communications Director of Bike New York