BOLD Leverages Sports Brand's Audience To Drive Big Sales for FlatRate Moving

» Co-Marketing Drives Big Sales

FlatRate Moving asked BOLD to revitalize its brand and drive awareness to a younger audience. BOLD leveraged SASS Global Travel, an action sports travel company, to create an exciting campaign that delivered big. 


sports-ad-agency-performance-arrow-01.png  SALES UP 71% IN FIRST 30 DAYS

FlatRate Moving Saw a 71% Increase in Sales During Month One


sports-ad-agency-performance-arrow-02.png   BEST 3 MONTHS OF SALES

FlatRate Beat Its Sales YOY & Had Its Best 3 Months

video-content-advertising-agency-increase-01.png66 MILLION IMPRESSIONS

Driven By Earned Media On a Limited Budget


best-ad-agency-arrow-up-01.png   SGT SELLS OUT 

SASS Global Travel Sold Every Remaining Ski Trip for the Year




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